Blem Wilson Combat Stripped Lower Receiver Mil-Spec Forged TR-LOWER-BL

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The Wilson Combat Blemished Stripped Lower Receiver (TR-LOWER-BL) serves as an ideal starting point for those aiming to construct a high-quality AR-15 rifle. Forged from resilient 7075-T6 materials, this lower receiver is machined to exceed Mil-Spec Plus tolerances, setting the stage for an unbeatable firearm build.

While the "blemished" in its name refers to cosmetic irregularities like slight pitting and machine marks, these are natural and unavoidable outcomes of the forging process. These blemishes are purely cosmetic and in no way impact the functionality or performance of the receiver.

Coated with a durable, Mil-Spec type 3 hard anodize black finish, the receiver not only promises exceptional longevity but also imparts a sleek aesthetic. Even with the cosmetic blemishes, the Wilson Combat Stripped Lower Receiver stands as a testament to precision and superior craftsmanship, offering an optimal foundation for your ultimate AR-15 rifle build.

  • 7075-T6 forgings machined to Mil-Spec Plus tolerances
  • Mil-Spec type 3 hard anodize black finish
Categories: Other Pistols
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Wilson Combat
Model: Matched Receiver Set
Vendor: Gunprime
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